On 14th of July 2016, D-WASTE organized the workshop titles “The internet of Bins” in order to disseminate the LIFE EWAS Project and the first available results of the Project.

The workshop took place in the town hall of Agia Paraskevi, waste managers and local authorities’ representatives had the opportunity to get informed on the results of EWAS project, and how the use of ICT technologies can potentially optimize waste management through improving collection system and cost reduction. More particularly, it was presented the deployment of the sensors in the two pilot areas of the project, namely in Seville, Spain and Chania, Greece, as well as the first results from the exploitation of the sensors data. According to the presentation of LIPASAM (Public Cleaning company of Seville) the data use can optimize the waste collection which can be resulted in 48% reduction of the waste collection cost. DEDISA (Solid Waste Authority of Chania), presented the first results from the monitoring of sensors as well as how citizens experience the deployment of the sensors in their bins. In the event it was also presented the under development EWAS social platform which teach citizens how to recycle and improve their recycling. At the end of the event a productive discussion took place.

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