Development of an orientation guide for energy recovery from solid waste

The objective of the service was to develop an orientation guide for the implementation of energy recovery systems to treat solid waste, targeting municipalities and industries which intend to adopt this alternative. The guide took into account the different realities and requirements for the development of an energy recovery system for solid waste and aims to provide orientation and appropriate guidelines to raise awareness about the most common difficulties, encouraging the implementation of such projects, with technical, institutional, regulatory, economic and tax information. The content of the Guide included: The alternative of energy recovery treatment for solid waste (i.e. energy recovery technologies, main technical and economic characteristics, and minimum requirements for installation and operation, Economic, environmental and social benefits of products derived from energy recovery: the case of the refuse derived fuel (RDF), the main stakeholders of energy recovery projects: authorities, private sector and society, a review on existing energy recovery from waste practices in the world), Guidelines for the implementation of energy recovery projects in Brazil (i.e. review of existing situation of solid waste sector in Brazil, national and regional scenarios with brief comments about the differences between them, Summary of the legal framework that focuses on the municipal solid waste sector in Brazil, in particular to the treatment alternatives, barriers and incentives for the adoption of energy recovery in the country) and Considerations about the opportunity of combined efforts between municipalities and industry in the use of municipal solid waste as fuel, in Brazil.

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