November has come together with the Life EWAS Social Platform which helps you learn How to Recycle!!

The Life EWAS platform is a platform which informs citizens about the importance and the benefits of recycling, gives tips to the citizens in order to recycle properly and thus help their municipality in achieving its waste management goals and shows to users how they can properly recycle more than 100 waste! Finally, the platform gives to the registered users the ability to report incidences regarding the waste collection in the two pilot areas namely in Seville, Spain and Chania, Greece.

The Life EWAS platform was developed under the EC funded Life Project titled “Efficient and sustainable waste management methodologies using ICT tools enabling GHG emissions reduction” started on 1st July 2014 and it is expected to finished on 31st March 2017. Partners of the Projects are Wellness Smart Cities S.L, Corporación de Empresas Municipales de Sevilla AIE, D-WASTE HELLAS LTD, Trans-Municipal Enterprise of Solid Waste Management D.E.D.I.S.A. S.A., ENT Environment and Management ( Serveis de Suport a la Gestió S.L.) , Limpieza Pública y Protección Ambiental, Sociedad Anónima Municipal (LIPASAM).

You can enter the Life EWAS Platform though the

The platform will be shortly available as a mobile application for android and iOs smart phones! Stay tuned for more!





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