This project aims:

  • to assess the current food waste management practices in selected municipalities and SMEs in the HORECA sector
  • to compare the assessment results above with the best practices in the relevant fields
  • to develop a concrete set of Circularity Indicators that will be used to describe both the current and the future description – monitoring of food waste management
  • to assess the gap between the baseline assessment and the requirements posed by the EU Circular Economy Action Plan using the Circularity Indicator

Specifically, the project’s objective is to create a strategic educational, training, and awareness alliance aiming to achieve the ambitious target regarding food waste, between Municipalities and Small and Medium Enterprises so that both parties can implement smoothly and effectively the shift towards Circular Economy practices (including EU Directives targets, national laws, and regulations) contributing to the protection of public health and the environment, the creation of environmental opportunities and the improvement of EU citizens’ quality of life.

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