EuropeAid/129944/D/SER/TR Technical Assistance and Supervision for Balikesir Solid Waste Management Project, Turkey

This project refers to the provision of capacity building services to the waste management authority of the Balikesir Region (BAÇEYÖB) and the PIU in the successful implementation of the activities related to the development and operation of an integrated solid waste management system in the area of Balikesir and surrounding municipalities. It also concerns the supervision of the construction of the waste management infrastructure to be developed in the area. In this frameworks, D-Waste focused on the development and implementation of capacity building activities for BAÇEYÖB and the PIU, i.e. human resource development, organizational development, institutional and legal framework development, infrastructure development and Financial capacity building. In this frame training materials, tools, strategic documentation, communication and public awareness plans have been developed and training activities and on the job training have been implemented. Also a study tour has been organized in order personnel of both BAÇEYÖB and PIU to get in direct contact with waste management institutions and operators of high level of expertise and know-how

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