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Project Support

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Project Support is dedicated to delivering solutions to specific waste management problems. Working together with our experts, you will have the opportunity to transform waste management problems and challenges to measurable and realistic projects and resolve them. The more specific your understanding of the problem is, the more targeted our support will be.

Project Support is more suitable for people or companies that already have a good idea of waste management and they want to address specific technical issues in more details. The service is charged by the hour, according to the packages that are described later.


  1. Planning
  2. Site Selection 
  3. Environmental Impact Assessment
  4. Landfill Design, Construction, Operation  Closure
  5. Dumpsites Closure  Rehabilitation
  6. Recycling Biowaste Management
  7. Communications Campaigns
  8. MBT
  9. Waste to Energy Facilities
  10. Policies Regulations
  11. Waste Economics
  12. Contracts  Tendering
  13. Urban Waste Management 
  14. Collection Transfer Issues
  15. Preparation of Presentation Lectures

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