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Wednesday, 24 October 2012 18:11

Regional Approach- Municipal Solid Waste Management

Written by  Dr Amiya Kumar Sahu

 Establishment of Regional Facility


Institutional Aspect of a Regional Facility

A regional facility entails some kind planning of a sound Institutional arrangement that enables the coming together of the partnering Municipalities

The participating municipalities should establish a regional management organization. The regional management organization serves two key purposes

  • It serves as the formal management structure for regional projects.
  • It implements the planned project, providing the necessary authority for financing, operating, and monitoring the SWM activities.
  • The different types of regional management structures are currently in used. The type of structure chosen depends on such factors as available financing, applicable laws, and existing government bodies or regional organization.
  1. Intermunicipal Agreements
  2. Authorities,Trusts, and Special Districts
  3. Nonprofit Public corporation
  4. Regional council
  5. Private sector participation

Attributes of the regional approach

  • It is constituted specifically to provide a particular service (namely, solid waste processing and disposal)
  • It is governed by a board of directors, a council, authority or some similar executive over sighted body, unique to the organization
  • It is usually not dependent on taxes for funding, but raises funds through service charges (or tipping fees) paid by its customers-the partnering local bodies.
  • It may or may not involve the participation of private sector service provider
  • It often requires special legislation and ordinances for its establishment.
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