Regional network for integrated waste management in the MENA region – Update and re-adaption of country reports on Waste Management for GIZ/Sweep-Net

D-Waste supports GIZ/ SWEEP-Net on updating the information and readapt the structure of SWM Country Reports, Regional Benchmarking Report along with the country progress and achievements in the SWM sector. The assignment included the following: a) Support on collecting, updating and compiling relevant data from nine member countries of SWEEP-Net, b) Support on the description and analysis on existing and envisaged national policies and strategies as well as the regulatory framework c) Support on the description and analysis of the local, private and informal sector involvement in solid waste collection, treatment, trade and recycling activities. D) Verify and analyse data and information and evaluate the development of the sector relatively to the situation of the 2010 and 2012 country reports on SWM e) Update the SWM country profiles, f) Collect and process relevant documents, g) Develop a benchmarking system for the different aspects of SWM to compare and monitor the regional development in the sector and h) Organize workshops, presenting the results on each country

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