WASTE ATLAS – www.atlas.d-waste.com

Waste Atlas is an open-access map developed by D-Waste that maps data on solid waste management around the world for comparison and benchmarking purposes. The purpose of Waste Atlas is to gather all available information and give them form, turning them into useful information for its users. Data loading on the Waste Atlas platform is primarily based on the data input from both its users and partners involved in its “alliance”, including the International Solid Waste Association (ISWA), Sweep-Net (the Waste Management Facility for the Middle East and North Africa), WTERT (the World Technical and Scientific Council), SWAPI (the administrative bdy for waste management for Asia and the Pacific islands). The categorization of the data depicted is divided into 3 levels: country, city and facilities data. In this way, Waste Atlas is transformed beyond a valuable information platform into a tool that helps compare waste treatment and management practices.

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