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D-Waste Services

We provide services worldwide. Our approach is simple: we want to make waste management consulting easily accessible and affordable for all those who need it. In that framework we deliver different services with the same concept: easy access and cost–effectiveness.

  • Customized seminars and webinars for waste management issues
  • On–job training and coaching of selected teams
  • High quality professional presentations for waste management issues tailor–made to your needs
  • Reports for waste management  issues that you select
  • Pre-constructed professional excel spreadsheets for your needs
  • High quality professional design and sizing for selected facilities
  • Mass Energy Balances
  • Communication campaigns

And there are more because, remember our unique service is 100% customization…

An indicative list of technical fields will be also included in our services.

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Helpdesk Is a unique service that will be fully available in a few months.  The service consists of a dedicated…
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Mentoring is a service dedicated to support young professionals and people who want to be involved in waste management but they…
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Project Support is dedicated to delivering solutions to specific waste management problems. Working together with our experts, you will have the…
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