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Eva Riddick

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Eva Riddick is an American currently serving in the United States Peace Corps, a global human development agency. As an international development professional she has spent the past 2 years working in Mongolia as a community based health specialist. She has a background in raising HIV/AIDs and health awareness through AIDs Delaware and at the University of Delaware where she holds a BS in Behavioral Science. In Peace Corps, her primary project is working at the Govi-Altai UNFPA Youth Development Center. She also works at a disabilities center for youth that supports both an education and social integration program for children with disabilities. During her time in Govi-Altai, Mongolia she and her counterparts at the provincial Health Department undertook a solid waste management project focused on raising awareness and promoting safe waste management practices amongst community members. Over the course of 6 months she executed a SWM campaign targeting 300+ youth in her community. She and her counterparts are currently looking to improve the SWM infrastructure in Govi-Altai, and are working closely with the provincial government to implement new policy change.
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