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Isabel de la Parra Leibson

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Isabel de la Parra Leibson is a BSc – Environmental Engineering and a specialist in Integrated Solid Waste Management and ISO-14001 Management Systems. During the past seven years, she has been researching about solid waste management for a private institution named the Bolivian Environmental Management Society (SGAB). She has developed and implemented Solid Waste Management Plans in five municipalities in the tropical region of Cochabamba and has trained part of the team which has elaborated Hospital Waste Management Diagnostics in seven departments of Bolivia. During the past five years, she has investigated the development of tools, techniques and programs regarding environmental education as part of the Focal Cities Cochabamba project, which is financed by the Canadian International Development Research Center (IDRC) and executed by SGAB.
As a result of the investigations in the environmental disciplines, she has generated a Municipal Environmental Education Strategy for the city of Cochabamba. This strategy has now been implemented as a municipal law. Moreover, in coordination with the Departmental Education Secretary of Cochabamba, she has directed the implementation of an Integrated Waste Management training program for school teachers in the municipality.

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