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Thursday, 15 November 2012 09:57

Solid Waste Management in Nigeria

Written by  Edith Tobore Iruruaga

Solid Waste Management Plan

There is no National Waste Management Plan in Nigeria and if any is available in any of the States it is likely it will not be substantial.

Recently, a draft Policy on Municipal and Agricultural Wastes was reviewed (August, 2012). It is hoped that the Policy in time will lead to development of a comprehensive legislation and possibly a plan that will address the issue of waste management in the Country. One major challenge in Nigeria is the enforcement and implementation of policy.


Challenges in waste management service delivery include;

  • Lack of comprehensive legal framework and enforcement of the existing regulations
  • Low investment (private) in infrastructure
  • Inadequate human capacity for administrative and technical issues
  • Wrong attitude of the public towards solid waste disposal
  • Financing –Cost recovery is low in most States and no funding
  • Poor Planning – low data management and uncontrolled urbanization
  • Uncoordinated institutional functions
  • Low academic research and industry linkages
  • Lack of the needed political will.

Intervention of the Waste Management Society of Nigeria

The Waste Management Society of Nigeria (WAMASON) with interest to develop waste management industry and practice in Nigeria has intervened in the following ways amongst others;

  • Develop professional training courses to meet the manpower gap need of the waste industry
  • Occasionally conduct campaigns to enlighten the public on proper waste handling.
  • Develop a proposed Bill on National Waste Management and Control (the project is yet to be actualized)


There is a need to look beyond the challenges and collaborate on finding sustainable solutions that are viable in our local environment.

 Iriruaga Edith Tobore

Edith Tobore Iriruaga holds a degree in Industrial Chemistry from the University of Benin, Nigeria. She works with the Wastes Management Society of Nigeria (WAMASON) and involve since 2006 in coordination of human capacity development programme on different aspects of wastes management, organization of enlightenment campaigns and international programme (featured in Nigeria), and strategic partnership development.

She has been involved in projects on Environmental Impact Assessment, Environmental Audit, waste evacuation, planning and biological treatment of waste. Edith Tobore Iriruaga is a member of the International Solid Wastes Association.


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