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Monday, 23 June 2014 11:48


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LIFE EWAS aims to demonstrate the potential of advances in information technology to optimise waste management methods. The project actions will extend the uptake of innovative waste collection methodologies using low-invasive technologies based on software and hardware data collection and analysis technologies. The EWAS innovative waste management methodologies will be tested and adjusted on different real waste collection routes of different location in the Mediterranean regions of Sevilla and Chania.

The project expects to reduce the costs of waste management activities by 15-30% and their greenhouse gas emissions by more than 10%.

In this sense the consortium of the project is formed by five partners sharing different roles within the project.

For the development of this initiative the Spanish company Wellness Telecom will support two solutions designed by the company: the eGarbage system for efficient service management urban waste collection through the information generated by users and the data captured by sensors; and citizen participation WeTalk platform.

The Spanish environmental consultant ENT, focusing on innovative environmental solutions, and with experience on waste management and environmental economics, will be responsible for activities related to the design, implementation and evaluation of the entire life cycle of the project.

D-Waste, will share its expertise on Solid Waste Management and contribute in the incorporation of ICT technologies in waste collection. Furthermore, D-Waste will be responsible for the communication and dissemination of the project, which is rather critical for its success.

For the implementation phase two operators related to waste collection will participate: a private operator, DEDISA, which operates in the town of Chania, located on Crete, the largest island of Greece, and a public company, in this case LIPASAM, under the City of Seville, the fourth largest city of Spain.


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