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Tuesday, 18 March 2014 12:25

Meet D-Waste at the 4th Forum of Sweep-Net, Amman, Jordan

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Following the implementation of three very successful regional forums, Sweep-Net will implement its annual regional forum in Amman, Jordan, on 13-15 May. Given its significance for the whole MENA region, the event will be conducted under the patronage of the Jordanian Ministry of Environment and will be held at the Landmark hotel.

This year’s forum will focus on “MOVING UPSTREAM: Waste and Resource Management with Social and Economic Benefits”, a key sustainability topic for the MENA region.

The forum will allow participants to learn about and discuss the latest developments and challenges in resource and solid waste management, and to get an exclusive networking opportunity with regional and international experts both from public and private sectors.
The following sessions will be held:

  • Session 1: Perspectives for Waste as Alternative Fuels and Source of Energy
  • Session 2: Organic Waste Management as a Source of Income Generation
  • Session 3: Construction and Demolition Waste Management - Turning a Problem into a market
  • Session 4: Informal Sector Involvement in Municipal waste Management
  • Session 5: E-Waste Handling and Recycling Perspectives for the MENA Region

Apart from offering an opportunity to discuss about the latest issues and happenings in waste management in the region, this forum is also a chance to share experiences in the field. 

D-Waste team will participate in the forum and will present the outcomes and conclusions of a regional benchmarking study that compares waste management performance of the Sweep-Net member countries. Apart from presenting data and comparing performances, the study conducted by D-Waste is expected to establish a solid basis for further development of the sector in the future.

Look forward to meeting you in Amman.


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