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Monday, 10 March 2014 19:00

D-Waste at the ISWA/APESB Beacon Conference in Angola 22 -24 of April 2014 - Save the Date!

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D-Waste will participate at the ISWA/APESB Beacon Conference which will take place between 22 -24 of April 2014, in Angola. The Conference which focuses on Waste Management in Africa will bring together waste experts and academics from all around the world who wish to contribute to the technical, economical, environmental and social debate about sustainable waste management in the region. For about the event please click here.

D-Waste is looking forward to transfer its experience on the significant contribution that mobile applications and the digital technology plays to alleviate inadequate waste management and/or increase the efficiency of already established waste management systems. In this sense the paper “Urban Waste Management and the Mobile Challenge” will be presented during the event. Furthermore, the importance of entrepreneurship in the waste management sector in Africa will be highlighted through another D-Waste Presentation “Waste Management and Entrepreneurship in Africa”.

Our team will be happy to meet you during the event, in order to exchange ideas, provide assistance on waste management issues of your interest and help you join D-Waste – a global knowledge provider on waste management.


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