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Wednesday, 13 November 2013 17:48

Waste Atlas 2013 Report is Now Available!

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RWM 1-2 october 2013 Download Now

Waste Atlas - 2013 Report aims to present the concept of Waste Atlas and its main features to the wide public.

The report, published by the Waste Atlas partnership, is based on data from 162 countries and 1,773 cities and brings together statistics and information from a community of experts worldwide.

The Waste Atlas partnership is a non-commercial initiative involving D-Waste consultants, the University of Leeds , the International Solid Waste Association, , GIZ/SWEEP-Net , the ,Waste to Energy Research Council (WTERT) and the Solid Waste Network of Asian and Pacific Islands.

The partnership, which is aimed at providing free access to reliable waste management data through global collaboration and scientific crowdsourcing, has created a web-based interactive waste management map utilizing 59,000 files and documents. The map is available at and already, besides profiles for cities and countries, it includes data for more than 1800 facilities worldwide.

The major outcomes of the of the Waste Atlas 2013 Report are also published through the mobile application "Waste Atlas" available at the
App Store (soon it will be published for Android systems too).

For more read the full press release here

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